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Lush Colors

Beauty lies in every shade, tint, color. 

Color-it draws your eye to a thing, evokes certain mood or an emotion and even communicates something important without using any word at all. Selecting the color of your furniture that blend with the color of the walls or tiles to create a certain required setting is important. Evaluating the creativity of different designers and people, we came up with the widest variety of colors for our ceramic basins. Each color has a different aesthetic attached to it which compliments your imagination and the setting of the bath space simultaneously. 

Half Grey

In Frame-
Arc Basin/Half Grey

Half Black

In Frame-
Arc Basin/Half Black

Glossy White

In Frame-
Atom Basin/Glossy White

Matte Black

In Frame-
Bean Basin/Matte Black

Matte Grey

In Frame-
Avocado Basin/Matte Grey

Matte Green

In Frame-
Atom Basin/ Matte Green