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Bathroom Trends 2021


To say that 2020 was a strange year is more than just an understatement and so out with the old and in with the new has never been more wished for. Here are the bathroom trends that are gaining quick popularity and are bound to make it big in 2021. Even if you're not planning to redo your bathroom , these enticing trends will make you reconsider your decision.

1. Black Accents-

Black is a color that never goes out of trend and so it won’t disappoint you in 2021 too. Matte black taps, showers, fixtures, faucets and other bathroom accessories blend easily with any wall color while giving your bathroom the perfect modern look.

Black Accents.jpg

2. ​Bold Bathroom Tiles

Switching traditional tiles with something unexpected is a go-to move when designing bathrooms with a modern twist. Play with different patterns, shapes and colors. Choosing large tiles instead of tiny mosaic tiles is another bold move to reduce the grout lines as well as to hop onto the modern minimalist trend.

We cannot stop drooling over these modern vintage tile designs from Bharat Flooring & Tiles and we bet even you can't stop.


3. Backlit mirrors

This is a trend that has everyone on their toes. This feature offers background lighting without added glares or reflections and can work double-shift as a nightlight when dimmed.


4.Floating Vanities

Apart from being an incredible space saving solution, floating vanities lend style to the room. Either choose a complete wall-mounted vanity set with attached sink, countertop and basin or partial sets with separate pieces to customize it according to your measurements. Either way it will make your bathroom fab and functional.

5. Sustainability

With increasing consciousness towards a sustainable environment, a go-green bathroom is going to be the center of all the bathroom trends of 2021. Smart toilets to reduce interactions with germy surfaces, automatic taps to save water , and using environment friendly materials is all going to be the new cool.


5.Metallic Bathroom Details

The easiest way to give your bathroom the high-end luxurious look is to freshen up with different metallic fixtures such as gold, nickel, bronze, rose gold.

Of these, rose-gold finish is the one to look out fot, especially in 2021.

rose gold.jpg

7. No Handles

All the minimalism preachers will agree that less is more. Modern minimalism is all about identifying the essential and eliminating the rest. A no-handle vanity offers a serene clean-slate look to the bathroom while giving more emphasis on the walls and tiles.


8. Full-wall graphic

If solid colors are not your thing, then 2021 I going to be your year. Full-wall graphics are both possible and popular now. Make one of the walls a full-wall graphic to make the bathroom visually attractive. Since most people think better in bathrooms, choosing a creative wall will boost your thought-process too.

Full Wall Graphic.jpg

9.Natural Hues

The Pinterest savvy and aesthetic space can be achieved easily with the careful curation of wall and floor coverings.  Using soft, blush tones paired with handcrafted art and accessories is recommended.


10. Go Bold With Basins

Choosing a basin can arguably be the hardest task of designing a new bathroom because of a balance between functionality, budget, installation and aesthetics too. The new year will see people juggling between ceramic and glass basins. Your wish is our command and we’re no strangers to offering modern, stylish ceramic basins.

Hop on to to get your hands on 2021’s ceramic basin trend.  


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